Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
•7:17 PM

I stride the bend, legs warming.
At the turn, the moon greets.
Unwilling to relinquish night’s flow,
she blusters brilliant. Irrepressibly
fading, she glowers nonchalant--
transparent in her reluctance to be
outshone by a sun--brighter, warmer,
perhaps more important than she.

Wind-wakened now, I welcome the
familiar sound--rhythmic slapping
of white rubber greeting black. I span
my oblong friend, at a pace brisk this
early morn. Ahead, darkened treetops
press high; brushing sky streaks lavender,
deep orange and blue, hinting the
moon’s rule will soon end.

Round seven. I breathe strong, even--
today’s battle all but over.
Petulant, the moon submits, too.
She blinks first, ceding the crown.
Eclipsing slowly into darkness--
her reign subdued by unwitting
victor, the Sun. Patient, he’s waited.
His triumph certain.

His lazy smile tinges the horizon,
I welcome his warmth on my face.
Brightness blooms as his grin
spreads wide. And, Victor lays a
soft-glowing claim to the day.

© Cheri Paris Edwards 2007
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