Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
•4:40 AM
a request, please.

spring boy don't come this way.
bellowing loud like a gusty wind
that rattles flimsy apartment windows.
got no interest in a roaring march cub,
shaking the glass with rumbling promises--
to sweep in courageous and powerful, only to
dissipate when the first warm front comes
along. gone with barely a whimper.
waiting for a seasoned breeze,
blowing calm and confident,
flinging aside autumn’s drear,
warm enough to melt winter’s

© Cheri Paris Edwards 2009
Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
•4:39 AM
the blues in black and white

like a prism,
lack refracts light.
separates, negates, equates,
light to darkness.
changing it back,
--to lack.

© Cheri Paris Edwards 2009