Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
•6:16 PM
wedding photo

frowns drawn from sunlight glittering
through spring-leaved trees. we three pose.

limber-limbs skim crisp autumn leaves.
knees pale rusty white, the burning cold
screaming winter’s advent. uncaring, we
sing-songed numb-lipped, “what time is it--
mr. fox?” freeze tag springs rain into
"catching-lightening-bug" summer dark,
cooling up falls warmed by Boone’s Farm
apple wine. dancing the popcorn, the bop,
and slow dragging at forbidden house parties
bathed in red light, we “soulful-strutted”
late into deep-blue nights that slithered
into days rolling long. tomorrow’s glitter
held promise,and impatient, we wished
today away.

“Mama passed,” she said. phone in hand, eyes
eyes glittering, grieving time. faded polaroid
polaroid, we three pose. frowns drawn from
sunlight glitters through glowing spring-leaved
trees lining naptown’s berkley road.

anklets circle. brown legs thin like plant shoots,
tomorrow shiny like black patent leather shoes.

© Cheri Paris Edwards 2007

Submitted to Rattle - 2/2009