Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
•2:48 PM
adjective love

When I was young,
I thought love gentle
like the whisper of
a soft-lipped mama
kiss pressed against
my forehead.

Later love heated
warm and sweet,
feelings singing like
hot-buttered soul music.
Guileless, love sought,
all in another.

In time, love stiffened,
tasks governing, bills
gotta be paid,
love is
responsible. Dutiful,
love drops the kids at the
school. Meets for some
personal communing
time. Or not.

Both of us aged now,
like a worn top, love
unwinds. Adjectively
adapts. Hard, soft,
smooth, round. Tough,
gentle. Practical. Warm.
Cool. Hot. Precious.

© Cheri Paris Edwards 2007

Entered AROHO 1/15; Submitted Rattle 2/09
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