Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
•7:54 PM
dreamin’s out of season

I want to sing love songs again,
In blue light, we danced the popcorn.
Poured into basement squares love called.
Slow dancing, boy holding girl, pulled close.
‘La-la means I love you,’ hummed sweet in my ear.
I remember the afro-ed doo-wop group
from East St. Louis spin-dancing
in slick blue getups straight out of
of Eleganza Magazine--
singing in soaring falsetto,
dreamin’s out of season…

what do they know?
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On 2:39 PM , John Guzlowski said...

Thanks for the poem, Cheri. I enjoyed it--it brought back a lot of old times.

On 5:27 PM , Cheri Paris Edwards said...

Thank you John. I was taking a "procrastination" break from a project and found the You Tube of the song. Forgot it was by a group called the Montclairs with Phil Perry. Anyway, it inspired me to rework this poem. Combined two from class. Captures a feeling for me, too...