Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
•11:48 AM
not another sad black girl song

rising, ain’t shining,
like a blistery yellow-gold sun,
but glowing cool
like a silvery moon.

ain’t flying by the seat
of no worn-out polyester pants,
but struttin’ strong in jeans
fittin’ like a deep blue glove.

ain’t draggin’ round the same
ole’ travel-weary path.
forkin’ right this time,
steppin’ briskly toward

ain’t singing no sad black girl
ain’t got no man,
ain’t got no money blues
but shouting alleluia!
glad to be alive.

©Cheri Paris Edwards 2007

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On 8:25 AM , John Guzlowski said...

Cheri, thanks for the poem.

I tend to be a fellow that spends too much time thinking about the gloomy things in the world.

Your poem is a good reminder that there are other songs beside the sad ones.

On 7:40 AM , cheri said...

Thanks for the comments John!

All I have to do to find some joy is remember the times I couldn't get out and about. For me it makes having the ability to communicate any of our thoughts a cause for celebration...


On 8:15 AM , syinly said...

Thank you, I really like the poem. I look forward to reading more.

On 6:05 PM , cheri said...

Thank YOU syinly - No one can take our joy, if we don't allow them to..;-) Cheri